Because the medical community, for the most part, does not identify your aches and pains, and tissue damage that is visible on imaging studies, as due primarily to a ‘lack of healing’.  Current medical ‘teaching’ emphasizes that these problems are due to ‘inflammation’ (aka ‘osteoarthritis’—in which pain and joint destruction has been shown by medical researchers to NOT be due to an actual inflammation), or to ‘degenerative disease’ (which acknowledges ‘unhealed damage’, but does not focus any attention on the healing system per se as a possible factor in causing this evident progressive ‘damage’—-which is a remarkable display of lack of common sense….I know, don’t get me started…).  Or, your symptoms are due to disc bulges, nerve pinches, ‘primary nerve malfunction’ (fibromyalgia), scar tissue, bone spurs, or myriad ‘other things’…except unhealed connective tissue damage leading to stretch-induced small fiber nerve damage inside particular connective tissue structures, which are easily located because they are quite tender to touch.  Again, we are back to the ‘diagnostic question’…  And reiterating the fact that, even in the absence of injury, you break and replace every molecule in every ligament and tendon about ever seven years, so your body has to do a LOT of ‘healing’ (collagen production) on a daily basis.  You do not need a research study, just common sense, to predict what would happen if this maintenance collagen production system is NOT  functioning properly.  And, we get to see what happens in the lives of a large number of our patients when problems in this system ARE identified and rectified, which is a phenomenon that most physicians DO NOT have the opportunity to see.