We have many patients from all ages and walks of life who have benefited tremendously from Dr. Johnson's treatments at Prolotherapy Nashville. Here are just a few of our patients who are now soaring free of pain!

Rodeos and steer wrestling are in Ron’s blood.  Before becoming a dentist in Brentwood, a life-long passion was sparked as he grew up watching cowboys roping cattle. Because of the success of his Prolotherapy treatements from Dr. Mark Johnson at Prolotherapy Nashville, Ron was able to compete in rodeos into his sixties!

Dr. Ron Hallmark, DDS

When I came in to see you, I rated my pain at nearly a 10 over about 100% of my back.  After two weeks I am about 80% improved and about 90% pain free!  Thank you for your help and gentle touch, and for Mrs. Holley being there for that “motherly” kind of approach to yall’s heavenly skills.  I plan on fighting again…at age 63!


Skip Hall – Formerly The Oldest Active MMA Fighter In The World.

I came to Dr. Mark with a severely torn ulnar collateral ligament in my right elbow…after five treatments I was back to world class form. I just returned from the national championships where I was a silver medalist (in my fifties). Without what Dr. Mark has done… this would not have been possible!

Jim Fuqua, Javelin Champion

I am writing to let you know that my back has fully recovered following Prolotherapy, having having suffered form lower back problems for years. I was told that I had 3 bulging discs. Within two weeks I was fully recovered without any medications or surgery. Thanks you for your kindness and expertise in this miraculous procedure.
Deborah Fultz, RN
Six years ago i was diagnosed with bulging discs. I went through physical therapy… but I still could not overcome it. My back would spasm and this would land me in bed for 5-7 days at a time. I would have been considered disabled. I went to Dr Johnson… after my 3rd and 4th treatment I saw improvement and over a year later, I am still 95% pain free.
Mac Aldison, Farmer
I had an arthritic right knee, a torn rotator cuff… orthopedists had advised surgery. I had been bothered by severe pain for many years. You treated the severe pain…I got immediate relief with 100% recovery in the most painful and affected areas. Words cannot express my appreciation for all you have done.
Louis L Johnson, MD

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