From my practice, 55 knees were evaluated over a year following last treatment. The results that we obtained, for those completing a course of treatment, were:  for 80% or more symptom improvement—95%.  For 100% symptom relief—45%.  (again, half of these people were offered operations by Orthopedic Surgeons prior to seeing me, so this is a fairly ‘severe’ group of knee problems that were treated).    My average number of treatments needed to obtain these results was slightly under five treatments.  The two research studies with which we compared these results:  Kon, 2011 (an Orthopedic Surgeon), who used PRP in 50 knees, three treatments, who obtained 40% average symptom reduction, and Patterson and Rabago, 2013, (Prolotherapists) who treated 50 knees with up to 5 treatments, and who obtained an average 50% symptom reduction, with a maximum symptom reduction of 65%. Do my results justify my confidence in my ability to correctly diagnose, and to successfully treat, these problems?   And, do we see how different ‘understandings’ of the problem produces different approaches, which produce different results?   (see Dr. Johnson’s full 60 minute presentation).