And, this explains how increasing tensile strength, by inducing collagen production courtesy of ones own healing system, can completely rectify the problem of the damaged small nerve fibers.   Strengthen and structure, stop the stretch, fix the problem.  And, if we realize that virtually all the ‘problems’ diagnosed on imaging studies—cartilage loss, meniscus and labrum trears, disc deterioration, bony changes around joints—have as THEIR cause laxity (weakness and abnormal stretching) of ligaments (instead of ‘inflammation’, or ‘arthr-ITIS’, ‘degenerative disc disease’, ‘tendonitis’, etc.), and if we realize that MOST OF THE SYMPTOMS are coming from the CONNECTIVE TISSUE STRUCURES that DO NOT look ‘abnormal’ on imaging, instead of the from the damaged structures that DO ‘show up’ on films, we are now armed with an understanding that will allow us to approach these painful problems in an entirely new way.  If we could just figure out how to correctly identify these weakened, pain-causing structures, and if we could figure out how to ‘tighten’ the loose ones so that the joints do not continue to be torn apart as they are used…then we would be able to effectively treat these problems and really help a lot of people who are in serious pain.  There is good news:  we can do just that.  The evaluation is called a ‘Physical Examination’ that simply looks for tenderness in all the connective tissue structures in the vicinity of a patient’s pain. The treatment is called Prolotherapy.  And this diagnostic and treatment approach do not merely ‘make sense’, they produce excellent results in a large and varied patient population.