These are Thyroid Hormone and Human Growth Hormone.  Thyroid hormone does not ‘directly’ affect the healing system like Testosterone does.   It controls the ‘energy level’ in the WBC’s, and in all other cells.  If the WBC’s have insufficient energy for optimal performance, they will use the energy they have to keep you alive and neglect connective tissue maintenance healing.  If you have ‘cold’ hands and feet, if your ‘early morning’ temperature is less than 97.8 on a consistent basis, you might have a functionally low Thyroid Hormone level (regardless of having ‘normal’ values on blood testing).  Thyroid Hormone testing is another place where ‘normal’ does not necessarily mean ‘fully functional’.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is released in deeper stages of sleep.  If you have a severe sleep disorder, or if you have had irradiation of the pituitary gland for medical treatment, you might have a low HGH level, and this might effect your maintenance healing.  This is a situation which should be diagnosed and treated by an Endocrinologist.  The testing is a bit complicated, and the treatment is long-term and expensive, but may be necessary in rare situations to get the healing system working properly.