There are a variety of nutritional issues, toxicities, and other factors which can, more rarely, impair maintenance healing.  I can check a Testosterone level, and start replacement if a patient desires.  For all of the rest of the potential problems, including food allergy/sensitivity, Thyroid and other hormone issues, toxicity and nutrition, we refer to providers who have expertise in these realms.  This is not your average ‘family doctor’ (though some of them may have such interests and expertise).  It is often a challenge for people seeing us from other states to find practitioners in their area who can do a good job of performing such evaluations.  And many of patients ‘regular doctors’ look at them like they are out of their minds when they start discussing the connection between their Testosterone or Thyroid function and their body aches and pains.  Such things are not common knowledge based on current medical training.  We are back, again, to the ‘diagnostic problem’.  If your doctor tells you that ‘Testosterone cannot cause such problems’, fine.  Ask them to tell you what DOES cause such problems, and ask them to use their understanding to fix the problem that they think you have.  If they cannot fix your problem based on ‘their understanding’, then I am not sure I would take their ‘objections’ too seriously.   The beauty of the concepts detailed above is that they DO work to fix real, and serious, problems in a high percentage of real people.  Because of this, I am confident that this understanding of the basic disease process, the manner in which this process is reversed (symptoms cured), and the factors that ‘set up’ these problems to occur, are substantially correct.