Any ‘uptick’ in symptoms the next day is actually due to the patient’s own healing system.  We are creating the equivalent of a ‘sprained ankle’ in the treated area.  A sprain hurts worse the next day and the day after than the day of the accident.  This is due to the chemicals that are released by the healing process.  These often cause pain in addition to that of the actual injury.  People do not always feel ‘more pain’ following treatment, but if they do, this is good evidence that their healing system is ‘triggering’ with the chemical combination that was injected, and this is a good thing.  This system may also be triggering effectively if no additional pain is felt.  At times, the ‘immune flare’ felt after treatment continues more than a couple of days, sometimes even for a month.  This is very uncommon, and it usually happens only once during a course of treatment when we see it, but sometimes people return for their one-month followup having ‘felt worse’ the whole month.  This seems to happen because the immune system has a more enthusiastic response than usual, and this will often result in a larger ‘improvement’ than usual once the immune response ‘calms down’.  We can add some additional Sarapin at the next treatment in the Proloferant solution.  This will usually shut down the ‘discomfort-causing’ process.