Does the treatment hurt?  Yes.  But the problem that brings you to see us also hurts, often a lot.  So most people who see us are already ‘handling’ quite a bit of pain and the treatment is not that much ‘worse’.  We work very hard to minimize the discomfort and to make the patient as comfortable and as relaxed a possible during the process.  We also see an interesting phenomenon in many people:  as we inject the ‘spots’ where pain has actually been coming from (which are often different than what people have been ‘told’ is the source of their symptoms—the ‘spot’ is actually in the sacroiliac ligament instead of their ‘diagnosed’ lumber disc, for example), people will say, “There it is, that is THE one has ever found that before!”  While treatment is uncomfortable, it is comforting to know that we can actually find your pain-causing structures…and generally resolve your pain.

Although my first Prolotherapy treatment was, for reasons we can discuss in person, more uncomfortable than most treatments I offer, still it was ‘comforting’  to me to feel the doctor ‘hit the spots’ where my pain had actually been coming from, after finding them on examination.  That gave me great confidence that he was on the ‘right track’ with his treatment.  People who have been treated by other Prolotherapists generally say that our treatment process is ‘more comfortable’ than their previous experience, in addition to being more thorough.  Holley and I have had numerous structures treated with Prolotherapy over the last decade.  We live very active lives, and are accumulating birthdays at an alarming rate….  We have paid very careful attention as we have been receiving treatments to adapt our techniques to minimize discomfort.  You get to benefit from our extensive experience on ‘the other end of the needle’.