Multiple processes and dynamics are at work:

1)  Heals fibrocartilage (meniscus, labrum, and TMJ)

2)  Restores adequate tensile strength in ligaments, tendons, fascia and periosteum, which strengthen and shorten them to appropriate length, which…

3) Stops symptoms—pain, malfunction, referred symptoms, and improves joint stability, which

4) Reduces or prevents additional damage to joints, cartilage, meniscus, labrum, and disc

5) Refurbishes damaged cartilage surfaces

6) All of which generally combines long term to:

  • stop joint effusions and decompress Baker’s cysts,
  • stop muscle malfunctions, restore range of motion.
  • improve function and activity level.
  • resolve current pain
  • reduce or prevent future degeneration/deterioration/re-injury

Combined with diagnosis and treatment of healing system problems, this results in long-term improvement in quality of life and activity level, and prevention of pain, disability, inactivity-related problems, surgical procedures, and generally eliminates the need for complication-prone medications like cortisone and NSAID’s, and Lyrica.