Complications following Prolotherapy treatment are, fortunately, extremely rare.  But any medical intervention is capable of causing a complication.  Issues which might occur in the treated area were discussed at the initial visit, and made available in writing.  While these events are extremely uncommon, it is important to identify any potential problem as soon as possible.  Of course, if there is any ‘unusual’ severe pain, or redness and swelling in a treated area, or fever noted following a treatment, please call the office and let us know.  Infections are extremely rare following this treatment, but they are a possibility, and the sooner they are identified and treated, the better.  If the ribcage or thorax was treated and there is any trouble breathing noted, call the office immediately and go to the nearest emergency room.  If the spinal area was treated and there is a new and severe headache noted, that is worse when upright but which gets better when supine, call the office.