Because of the above, we recommend that, even when you feel ‘better’ (and especially when you feel ‘better’), you do not launch into all the projects you have had ‘on hold’ because you felt too bad to do them.  You are not as vulnerable, but you are still vulnerable when it comes to creating pain flare-ups.  As you feel better, SLOWLY, GRADUALLY increase your activity level.  Count on about three months to return to 100% load and activity, once you are beginning to feel ‘a lot better’, not three weeks.  If you are involved in recreational weight training, we recommend that you drop your resistance on treated structures to about 40% of what you are capable of lifting, and up the reps.  Ideally, stay in 30-50 rep range for resistance.  You will feel, initially, like this is a waste of time.  But you may be surprised by how effective a workout this can produce.  We have had a number of people, including elite athletes, shift to this pattern and away from super-loading structures after finding out how effective this ‘high rep’ strategy can be.