How much experience does Dr. Johnson have using PRP?

Dr. Johnson was the third physician in the country to begin using PRP for musculoskeletal treatment, in 2005.  Since then, he has treated many professional athletes in a variety of sports (including players from several NFL and MLB teams), Olympic athletes, and high level amateur athletes, as well as many patients who have had total joint replacement and other Orthopedic operative procedures recommended, and who have had a variety of other musculoskeletal problems.   Dr. Johnson has innovated and improved techniques for successful use of PRP, and his results, and the techniques which produce those results have been presented in several national physician meetings in the last five years.  While a number of physicians, including Orthopedic surgeons, Sports surgeons, and Spine surgeons have begun to use Platelet Rich Plasma in the last few years, the results from the ‘Orthopedic Approach’ to use of PRP, as shown by several research studies, does not produce results equivalent to the results that Dr. Johnson has obtained, and presented in national physician meetings. One of his recent teaching sessions focused on the difference between his approach and the ‘typical’ Orthopedic approach to use of PRP, the different outcomes that these two approaches produce, and why there is this difference in outcome.  (See one of these video presentations in the ‘For Healthcare Professionals’ section.)